Spektral Quartet's 


Chicago Season

Four uncommon concert series
for all curious listeners

Schoenberg Painting.jpg

in search of futures past

the lineage and legacy of arnold schoenberg

This season we invite you to join us as we discover and rediscover one of the most groundbreaking composers in the history of classical music – and to find your path through his four string quartets by way of the brilliant music that inspired, paralleled, and bloomed from this extraordinary mind. In the early twentieth century, the world was in political and artistic upheaval, and at this pivotal moment, Arnold Schoenberg forever changed the course of Western art music. He journeyed back to propel music forward, leaving an indelible and radiant mark. Come with us as we go in search of futures past.


Close encounters

Step through the front door of one of Chicago’s choicest architectural feats. Sip a craft beer brewed for one night only from a 19th-century recipe. Listen to sublime music not from a seat, but perched in front of an easel. This is our CLOSE ENCOUNTERS series: exclusive, intimate, unforgettable concert events connecting listeners with the music and its cultural moment through art, architecture, cuisine, and for the first in the series, which takes place just days before Halloween, a turn-of-the-century-themed costumed soirée at the Downey Mansion.

Wadada Leo Smith.jpg

once more,

with feeling!

Have you ever left a performance of contemporary music feeling that if only you could hear the piece again, your appreciation and understanding would deepen–that the music would come even more alive for you?

We created ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING! to give you that second listen on the same night, and to reveal the oftentimes subtle layers of a new piece through on-stage conversations with the composers.


the dovetail series

The DOVETAIL SERIES is a musical dialogue between Chicago’s north and south sides, a collision and collusion of cultures in partnership with Theaster Gates’s Rebuild Foundation.

Created as an artistic exchange, the series features Spektral and Rebuild-affiliated artists trading solo sets before daring to leap into unknown territory–devising a collaborative final set that combines the exceptional elements of both traditions.