Old Man and The C: Free Hugs

Humans of Earth,

What a week. What a terrible, horrible, very bad, no good week. I prefer The Onion's take on the conclusion to the Boston manhunt: 

It's times like this when I feel fortunate to be a musician; to have an artistic outlet for confusion and rage and despair and hope. I watched this tragedy unfold from a distance here in Chicago, and I don't mean to make any part of it about me (because it sure as hell isn't). I can't pretend to know what it must be like to have one's life indelibly transformed by the loss of mobility, or the death of a loved one to such an unfathomable disaster. A magnified sense of vulnerability is something we all share, though, and today I'd like to express how much I value all of you. 

To my wife and my family: I love you and thank you for fostering this crazy dream of playing music for a living.

To the Spektral fans: chatting, laughing and nerding-out with you at our shows is really what makes every performance inspiring for me.

To my musician friends: thank you for making Chicago the unstoppable sonic engine that it is. 

To my composer friends: thank you for making each day of rehearsal hair-pulling-ly challenging and artistically exhilarating. 

We're headed back into the recording studio (two down, four to go) these next couple months, but we hope to hear from you soon. Just don't be alarmed if I hug you a little tighter when I see you next.

Stay safe everybody,