Ringmasters: Matt Marks

Matt Marks is one of my favorite composers on Twitter. To give you a taste of his particular brand of humor, his 2010 debut album is titled, The Little Death, Vol. 1. Feel free to go look that phrase up, if you aren't already chuckling.

Little Death is emblematic of why I am drawn in by Matt's music. Sugary pop sequences intermingle with praise music, gospel and hip-hop in a subversive narrative about (among other things) navigating sexual tension in a fundamentalist community. Matt is skilled at holding up that proverbial mirror, and nails it with an ecstatic and charming aural delivery system. Give "He Touched Me" a listen and get a taste...
Matt is particularly suited to writing a ringtone for Mobile Miniatures, and based on our email correspondence, his will inevitably cause spontaneous eruptions of smiles when your phone goes off in the elevator.