The Hustle (Chicago Season Closer)

  • Constellation 3111 N Western Ave Chicago, IL 60618

We close out our 2016/17 Chicago Concert Season with a cyclone of a show all about movement and dance. Better wear your snazzy shoes to this one...

You'll see us moving in perfect synchronicity for Simon Steen-Andersen's "Study for String Instrument #1." More performance art than a piece of music, this number has us all playing off the same score, our arms creating chain-reactions. Also inhabiting a game vibe is Charlie Sdraulig's "Scan," in which our individual actions are triggered by what we see our quartet-mates playing in a given moment.

Nothing less than the human life force, or "Chi," is the inspiration for Augusta Read Thomas's new one for us (by the same title). It's a typically vivacious ART composition, and a no doubt compelling counterpart to Andrew McManus's exploration of rat neurons. 

You read that correctly.

Like "Chi," "Neurosonics 2" was written for us just this season, and for it, Andrew worked with neuroscientist Tahra Eissa (through the Reva and David Logan Center’s Arts|Science Collaboration Initiative) to mine musical material from the rich brain activity of rats. It's kinetic, as you might imagine, and it provides the electronic backdrop for Andrew's virtuosic string writing.

Ok, now for the most important part. At the end of the concert, we are going to unveil a very special surprise which will involve everyone in attendance. Trust us. You want to be there.