Project summary

In the Fall of 2019, The Adler Planetarium and Spektral Quartet will produce and present a new multimedia work by award-winning composer Anna Thorvaldsdottir and video artist Sigurdur Gudjónsson. Created specifically for the immersive full-dome theater experience, Thorvaldsdottir’s distinctive luminescent sound world and wide textural palette blended with Gudjonsson’s evocative imagery promise an unforgettable live experience. 

This new work for string quartet and video art will mark a major addition to the repertoire by one of the most important young composers of her generation. Winner of The New York Philharmonic's prestigious Kravis Emerging Composer award, Anna Thorvaldsdottir is known for music that “conjures unseen worlds” and creates “shimmering, harmonically ambiguous, thoroughly enveloping texture) (New York Times).  Her music is overwhelmingly beautiful and huge in scope, conjuring the natural world with potent evocations of elemental power and potential. 

Sigurdur Gudjónsson is a longtime artistic partner of Ms. Thorvaldsdottir, and from their deep working relationship he will develop a piece of video art that immerses the audience in a synesthetic experience, linking the visual and aural elements to enhance one’s perceptual field and produce new sensations in the body and mind. 

The integrated piece will explore the concept of space from various perspectives, provoking the consideration of one’s relationship to the cosmos in contrast with the universe that is one’s inner life. 


PHASE ONE: Spring/Summer 2019  Development of the artistic work.

PHASE TWO: Fall 2019-Spring 2020  Live Performances in Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, Denver CO, and other cities.  

PHASE THREE: Spring/Summer 2020 Development of commercial recording. The finished multimedia work will be adapted to a fully immersive 360º video format and packaged as a video album / mobile app that can be experienced at home with a VR headset such as Oculus Go or an apparatus like Google’s Cardboard mobile phone viewer.   Release date goal: Summer 2020