in search of futures past

The lineage and legacy of arnold schoenberg

 Artist:  Les Allsopp

Artist: Les Allsopp

This season we invite you to join us as we discover and rediscover one of the most groundbreaking composers in the history of classical music – and to find your path through his four string quartets by way of the brilliant music that inspired, paralleled, and bloomed from this extraordinary mind. Arnold Schoenberg was fearless, and we invite you to be bold with us in revealing why – as with so much great art – this music remains simultaneously revered and divisive…in this case, for a jaw-dropping one hundred years.

In the early twentieth century, the world was in political and artistic upheaval, and at this pivotal moment, one man forever changed the course of Western art music. He was classical music’s avant-garde without ever losing sight of the melodies of Mozart or the counterpoint of Beethoven. He journeyed back to propel music forward, leaving an indelible and radiant mark. Come with us as we go in search of futures past.