2018-19 internships

Spektral Quartet is looking for dedicated, creatively-minded interns to become key team members of our ensemble’s operations for the 2018-19 concert season. This isn’t your average internship. We refer you to a past promotional video to get a sense of the general Spektral vibe:

The thing is, there is a staggering amount of behind-the-scenes work that goes into what the audience sees on stage, or on YouTube. As a Spektral intern, you will gain first-hand insights into running a successful and newsworthy chamber ensemble and be a voice in the room in certain decision-making processes.

Spektral Quartet is a 501c3 non-for-profit organization, which in practical terms means this internship is unpaid. (How else do you expect us to cover the upkeep of our yachts and mansions?). If you would benefit from real-world, backstage access to the goings-on of a full-time, professional chamber group, this internship is for you.

job duties

Specific duties may include:

  • Concert Promotion: assistance in coordination of timely distribution for printed publicity, promotional materials, and social media promotion in weeks leading up to events

  • Event Production: assist with stage and house management, audience services, merchandise table, among other production tasks.

  • Data entry: fundraising data, audience headcount, mailing list, ticket sales, merchandise inventory, etc.

  • Basic documentation and social media work at live events.

  • Fundraiser Mailings

  • Rehearsal documentation and social media promotion.

  • Providing A/V assistance /  Facebook chat management during quartet live-streaming

  • Documentation of board meetings


  • Interested parties should expect to commit to approximately 30-40 hours in total from October through May. However, specific hourly commitment can be worked out with quartet at the start of internship based on your availability.

  • Applicants should be responsible and assertive in their work ethic, with good communication skills and quick responsiveness to messages.

  • Experience working with software such as Excel, iMovie, Ableton, Logic, Google Apps, etc. is not necessary but is a huge plus


  • Concert tickets: we will make every effort to give you a comp ticket for our Chicago events, (usually possible, contingent on availability).

  • Open door policy: sit in on business meetings and rehearsals, and learn first hand what it takes to be a musical entrepreneur

  • Music proofing/coaching: if you are a musician or composer,  we can offer you a limited amount of time spent coaching you or your ensemble, or workshopping your music, scheduled at a mutually convenient time

  • Career advice: our interns become part of the Spektral family, and we’re here to help you succeed in whatever career path you choose!

  • Schwag: we are gonna make you look fine, obvs.!

interested? Fill out the form below,

or Email hello@spektralquartet.com with questions