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To our new friends at NASM – thanks so much for coming to our presentation! 

Below we've collected assets and links from the talk. Please don't hesitate to be in touch if we can help you jumpstart an entrepreneurship or outreach program at your school. 



1.  Encourage the performance of contemporary music.  

  • Encourage student performers to partner with student composers
  • Bring in guest composers and performers who specialize in contemporary music
  • Find a place for the study of contemporary music in the curriculum

2.    Facilitate community outreach in ways that promote artistic exchanges and the sharing of cultural values.  

  • Help students learn how to create partnerships with other arts organizations and community partners, including local businesses and other potential funders.
  • Challenge them to dream of projects that engage people who are different than they are and find common purpose.

3.  Prepare students to create their own path.

  • Encourage students to create and produce a performance project from start to finish. 
  • Work with students to develop skills required for grant writing, fundraising and networking. 
  • Encourage students to use resources they already have access to.



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