Since our inception, we have sought out the discourse between the masterworks of the traditional canon and those written this decade, this year, or this week. For our Sampler Pack programs, shorter works and single movements are curated in a setlist containing a menagerie of musical styles, spanning centuries. The unexpected similarities and enticing contrasts between two or three composers becomes a conversation between twelve.

The quartet prioritizes immersion and inclusivity through close-proximity seating and delivers these concerts in vibrant, unconventional venues. The artificial barrier between the performer and audience is lifted through light-hearted conversation from the stage and a relaxed atmosphere. Creating a community - even for one night - and discovering the musical genius in the set list together, Spektral is a band rather than a string quartet for the evening.


Bold new views on the quartet add to the energetic mixtape, like LJ White's raucous take on a riff by the rapper Mos Def.

Original versions of popular songs play into the mix at a Sampler Pack.

Short works by great composers find a natural home on Sampler Pack programs. This work by Stravinsky is a Spektral favorite.

Full Sample Program: "So Close but So Far Away" (featured program from fall 2015)

So Close, But So Far Away is a multiform concert in which the spatial relationship of the performers to the audience is unexpectedly in flux. The audience is seated in the round with the quartet stationed in the middle, but the players don't stay there for long as they journey through the program to trace a path through the space.

Franz Schubert: Quartettsatz, D. 703 (1820)

Ryan Ingebritsen: 4x4 3 Birds (2014)
Spektral Quartet Commission

John Cage: Quartet in Four Parts (1950)
1. Quietly Flowing Along


John Cage: Quartet in Four Parts (1950)
2. Slowly Rocking

Arthur Russell, arr. Katherine Young
I'm Hiding Your Present From You (2013)
Spektral Quartet Commission

Lee Weisert: Polychoron(b)(2015)

Ludwig van Beethoven: Grosse Fuge, Op. 133 (1825)