Help us launch our new series


Have you ever had the thought, after hearing a brand work, that you might enjoy and appreciate it more if only you could hear it again?  We’ve heard this feedback from audience members many times over the years, and so we are creating a new series at Constellation to quench that thirst. We’re calling it Once More–With Feeling! (Yes, it’s a cheeky title – what else would you expect?!)

These concerts will focus on just one piece of recent music – we’ll perform it once at the top and again at the end of the show, and in between we’ll invite the composer to explore the piece with us in a live interview, providing first-hand insight into the inspiration and process of creating it. We’ve invited four incredible composers to join us for this first year: Eliza Brown, Wadada Leo Smith, Lisa Coons, and LJ White (with a super-secret, super-special guest who shall remain nameless for the time being).

We are eager to see where this new format will take us, and today we are asking for your support in helping it get off the ground. Our top priority is to have funding in place to bring the composers to Chicago for the concert and give them a place to stay. Would you consider making a contribution of $20, $50, or even $100 towards that goal?

Thanks so much for your support!

Clara, Maeve, Doyle & Russ