recent work


Schoenberg: Quartet No. 3, Op 30: III. Intermezzo

Mendelssohn: Quartet Op 12 in E-flat major: III. Andante espressivo

Anthony Cheung: ‘The Real Book of Fake Tunes’ w/Claire Chase, flute

Live at National Sawdust in Brooklyn, NY

George Lewis: String Quartet 1.5 “Experiments in Living”

Live at National Sawdust in Brooklyn, NY

Bartók: Quartet No. 1 - Live at Fulton Hall at University of Chicago

PAST work

‘Oh My God, I'll Never Get Home’ by Dave Reminick

Movement 3 of Dave's five-part "The Ancestral Mousetrap" is driving and fun, and owes a lot to the composer's work with his amazing post-punk band Paper Mice.  Dig it!

‘Black Angels’ by George Crumb

A performance of this modern masterpiece in March 2015 at Constellation in Chicago.

‘Zin zin zin zin’ by L.J. White

LJ wrote this ditty based on a scat improv by rapper Mos Def, himself calling back to Afrika Bambaataa. The piece is by turns aggressive and hilarious, a conversation (or argument) between four loud personalities.

‘Apo Do’ by Mathias Spahlinger

We were honored to be invited to participate in "there is no repetition," a festival dedicated to the music and philosophy of composer Mathias Spahlinger. "Apo Do" employs all manner of unconventional musical expression and singular formal design, questioning the very building blocks of musical language. These performances in March, 2015 were the first American performances of the work.

‘Unnatural Woman’ by Alex Temple

One of our favorite collaborations to-date. Composer Alex Temple’s song cycle reckoning with “other-ness,” featuring Julia Holter.

‘Concertino’ by Igor Stravinsky

A picaresque puppet theater of characters, Stravinsky's "Concertino" was conceived as a short piece to be programmed amidst classical works for the Flonzaley Quartet, much like many of the works we commission today.

‘Hiding Your Present From You’ by Arthur Russell, arr. by Katherine Young

A veritable hoedown of extended techniques and fascinating textures, Katherine Young's adaptation of Arthur Russell is an audience favorite.


‘Quartet No 2 "Company"‘ by Philip Glass

Glass is the subtle master using an economy of means to create depths of emotional resonance. This is one of our absolute favorite minimalist works.