Our work with today's composers - be they young, emerging or established - is central to our artistic mission. Each interaction brings new musical inspiration to the quartet as we act collaboratively to create the next generation of great works for string quartet. Through intensive rehearsal and dialogue involving challenging explorations of sound, time and style, we bring these works to life.

Samuel Carl Adams: New Work (2016)

Marcos Balter: Chambers (2010) 

Eliza Brown: String Quartet No. 1 (2011)

Anthony Cheung: The Real Book of Fake Tunes (2015) with Claire Chase, flute Commissioned by the Fromm Foundation

Daniel Dehaan: Sterile Contaminant  (2012)

Luke Gullickson: Pancho & Lefty by Townes Van Zandt (2014) (arrangement)

Chris Fisher-Lochhead: Dig Absolutely (2010)

I Never Learnt to Share by James Blake (2012) (arrangement)

Backwater Blues after Bessie Smith (2013)

Hack (2015) Commissioned by the Barlow Endowment

Stephen Gorbos: Passage Through the City (2013) Commissioned by High Concept Labs

Tomas Gueglio Saccone: Decals II (2015-6)

Ben Hjertmann: String Quartet No 2: Étude (2013)

Ryan Ingebritsen: 4x4 3 Birds (2014)

Mikel Kuehn: New Work (2016) Commissioned by the Barlow Endowment

Julien Labro: Astor de Pibe by Diego Schissi (2014) (arrangement)

Sky Macklay: Many Many Cadences (2014) Commissioned by the Walden School

Andrew McManus: Art of Almost by Wilco (2013) (arrangement)

Sam Pluta: New Work (2016) Commissioned by the Cliff Dwellers Club

David Reminick: The Ancestral Mousetrap (2014)

Alex Temple: Behind the Wallpaper  (2013) with Julia Holter, voice

Hans Thomalla: Bagatellen (2015-16) Commissioned by the Ernst von Siemens Foundation

Augusta Read Thomas: New Work (2017) Commissioned by Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago

Lee Weisert: Polychoron(b) (2015)

Katherine Young: Hiding Your Present From You by Arthur Russell (2013) (arrangement)

Miguel Zenón: New Work (2016) Commissioned by the Hyde Park Jazz Fest

Mobile Miniatures - A catalog of over 60 miniatures composed for use on mobile phones by Augusta Read Thomas, David Lang, Nico Muhly, Shulamit Ran,  Anna Thorvaldsdottir, George Lewis, and many others.

In rehearsal with Chris Fisher-Lochhead on his first piece for us: Dig Absolutely.