Hack unpacked

This reveal of Chris Fisher-Lochhead’s "HACK" is precisely the kind of prep and backstory we wish we could upload into your microchipped brain as you enter the concert hall and take your seat. You, on your first listen at a show, have just been pulled from the trunk of the sedan, your blindfold peeled back, and pushed into an unfamiliar landscape. Hack Unpacked is your Lonely Planet, your Trip Advisor.

Like any great piece of music, Hack is gripping even without the listener knowing its architecture or launch point. It bursts open, though, once you have the opportunity to consider its essence, the musical distillation of what makes a great comedian’s character come to life. It’s not only the words of the joke, but the delivery. What Chris has created is simultaneously a feat of intellect, and of fertile musicality. We are eager to give you a peek behind the proverbial curtain with the guide he’s written for you.