You Painted Your Feelings!

2018-05-18 Spektral Quartet_CloseEncounters_HairPin_166_IMG_2608_WEB.jpg

What a way to close the 2017/18 season! We are still riding high from the vibe at our final Close Encounters event, Paint Your Feelings!and are eager to fill you in soon on what we have in store for you next season. First and foremost, we were taken aback by how LOCKED IN you all were while painting. We'd finish a piece, and it would be silent...with you all feverishly brushing away at your creations. I guess we could have known that our audience is made up of a bunch of secretly-talented painters.

Special thanks to our art guru for the evening, Kate Desjardins, and to our friends from the Chicago Symphony's Overture Council who claimed so many seats that night. It was a blast, and you better believe we have plans to present more interactive shows like this one in the future. And a big high-five to the amazing photographer Daniel Kullman for these vivid pics! (make sure to credit him if you share!)

Finally, it was a singular pleasure for us to improvise pieces around your work. We can't think of a better way to cap off an evening making art together.

Till next time,
Clara, Maeve, Doyle & Russ