You Are Loved, Matt Marks...

Matt Marks.jpg

We're still reeling from the news that composer Matt Marks is gone. He was a phenomenally creative musician, and easily one of the funniest and smartest personalities in the new music community.

You don't expect your friends to just disappear...

We did this project called Mobile Miniatures a few years back, and guess who wrote the most gut-busting piece of the entire roster? Matt, of course. His wake-up alarm still cracks us up and saves us (and people around the world) from missing 6am flights to this day.

We'd like to honor Matt by making his piece (both the SFW and the NSFW versions) available for free from now till forever. 

You made us laugh hysterically...and consider our own hypocrisies, Matt. We miss you.

Doyle (for Spektral)