Spektral Becomes a Quintet

(photo credit: Marta Sasinowska)

(photo credit: Marta Sasinowska)

We are ecstatic to announce the newest member of the Spektral team, Alyssa Martinez, who joins us as Development and Production Coordinator!

Deeply embedded in arts scenes around Chicago, Alyssa brings a veritable cornucopia of production and performance experience to her new role with us. We first encountered her manifold talents at a private chamber music series, where she burned brightly as events coordinator and general purveyor of good vibes. Our friendship went into orbit from that day forward, and we can't think of someone who "gets us" more than Alyssa when it comes to our many (and often mischievous) endeavors.

Alyssa currently holds the position of office manager and administrative assistant at Pluto LTD – the company behind such heavyweight music ventures as Pitchfork Music Festival, The Hungry Brain, and Constellation. To answer your question, Kevin, No this does not mean we can get you free VIP passes to Pitchfork.

Alyssa also co-produces of one of Chicago's most delightfully quirky series, The Therapy Sessions: A Talkshow About Feelings, and is the director of the Chicago Community Grant Program, a micro-grant program benefitting community initiatives around Chicago. 

As many of you know, we've been growing rather quickly here in Spektral country, and this hire marks a new chapter for our quartet. We are just so lucky that our first-ever employee is someone as engaging, proficient, and creative as Alyssa.

With that, let us mark this occasion with a Very Spektral Salute: