Ringmasters: Katherine Young

In the spirit of full disclosure: Katherine Young is a close personal collaborator of mine.  I'll be premiering an evening-long work for solo violin(s) that we constructed over the course more than a year on September 27 in Chicago.  Our piece, like much of her work, lives at the intersection of improvisation and notated music as well as exploring the potential of sounds that might seem too small to be significant at first glance.

The quartet is very happy to name her as a good friend as well.  She plays bassoon in the band Pretty Monsters, who opened for us at The Hideout in June, and she's working on an arrangement of this lovely Arthur Russell tune for our Oct. 26 Album Release Party.  

But, until you can hear the results of her ringtone creativity, why not check out one section of Katherine and my project (called: Diligence Is to Magic as Progress Is to Flight) and hear the gritty sound-world we created with a strangely prepared violin we bought on Amazon?