Explore "HACK" with new interactive video player

Composer Chris Fisher-Lochhead's Hack for string quartet takes its inspiration and musical materials from an unlikely source: the vocal stylings of stand-up comedians. Chris carefully transcribed the pitch, rhythm, and cadence of 16 great comics of the past and present, and composed a piece of music with a completely unique harmonic world and sense of flow .  

We've created this custom video player so that you can explore Chris's ingenious musical character study with two classic bits from Dave Chappelle and Sarah Silverman. 

Hit play and then move the slider to crossfade between the original audio and the quartet music. (Note: this player works best on a desktop browser, and does not work at all on iOS.) 

For a more in-depth look into the process of creating Hack, see Chris's 6-part blog series at Hack UnPacked

Hack is featured on our new album Serious Business, now available on the Sono Luminus record label. Find it on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play