Introducing Parlour Tapes+

A first foray into any realm of great importance is best made with friends.  So, as we programmed our debut album it was self-evident that we record works by our composing comrades here in Chicago. And when we were approached by our pals Jenna Lyle and Kyle Vegter (who have teamed up with more amazing people in Andrew Tham and Ellen McSweeney) to be part of launching their new record label the choice was clear: an album of Chicago composers on a Chicago label.

We're thrilled to be a part of the birth of the first Chicago label devoted entirely to contemporary art music, Parlour Tapes+.   You can come see the label take its first public steps at "The Guilty Party" on May 16, an evening of music and mystery.  We'll be there, helping to score the action as we unmask the "killer" of Third Coast Percussion's David Skidmore!

And the good news is, this recording is really happening!  We already have Chris Fisher-Lochhead's "Dig Absolutely" in the can, and recently recorded Marcos Balter's "Chambers" in Northwestern University's reverberant and spacious Alice Millar Chapel.

Check it out.

Getting the mics set with our inimitable producer Kyle Vegter:

In case you were wondering, this place is pretty majestic.  We had mics getting room sound up there...

Doyle preaches the good news of the viola to the congregation: