Ringmasters: Greg Saunier

 I've been in love with Greg Saunier's music since before I knew he wrote it.  I was introduced to his band Deerhoof after my freshman year of college with their album Holdypaws and I've been a fervent fan of ever since.  A dream came true when I got to play with Deerhoof in a brand new piece written by Marcos Balter for the band and Ensemble Dal Niente.  To say that playing with such dynamic musicians was a joy is an understatement...it was truly life changing.

Greg plays the drums like nobody else.  He attacks the set with abandon, limbs flying to sculpt a fury of sonic activity that always grooves in the deepest way.  Seriously, check out Deerhoof live:

That is unbelievable playing...he doesn't need a huge kit to make a world of sound.  And, the best part is he's a composer in his own right, having arranged his Deerhoof tunes for Dal Niente and working with yMusic.