Ringmasters: Sarah Kirkland Snider

 What fascinates me, listening to Sarah Kirkland Snider's 2010 album, Penelope, is that it is even more enchanting today than when I first heard it three years ago...and given how often I had it on rotation back then, that is saying something.

Penelope has an expedient way of slipping the listener immediately into the warm solitude of melancholy, and I am ecstatic that a composer capable of such magnetism has partnered with Spektral Quartet for Mobile Miniatures. 
The mission of Mobile Miniatures is to explode a supernova of new-music across the world using phones as the transmitters. I am inspired by the thought of a fellow el passenger hearing Sarah's ringtone and asking, "That's beautiful. Who wrote that?" I love the idea of striking up a conversation while boarding an international flight and having an auditory launch point to tell my seat-mate about Sarah's catalogue, or the new-music label she co-directs, New Amsterdam Records.
- Doyle