What It Takes: Behind the Wallpaper

We are fundraising in support of our 2019/20 season, TOTALLY OBSESSED, and thought it would be illuminating to give you a sense of what it takes ($) to make these individual concerts happen. It may be unusual for a fundraising drive, and you already know that ticket sales don’t even come close to covering costs, but perhaps a little transparency will make the case for why those $5 or $20 or $1,000 donations are so vital.

This season we are rebooting one of our favorite projects, Alex Temple’s “Behind the Wallpaper” featuring internationally renowned art-pop vocalist Julia Holter.

The first tour for ‘Behind the Wallpaper’ in 2015  (poster by Justin Santora)

The first tour for ‘Behind the Wallpaper’ in 2015 (poster by Justin Santora)

Behind the Wallpaper tells the story of a person undergoing a mysterious transformation one night in a college science park – a moment that will alter her mundane life, but not necessarily in ways apparent to those around her. Here’s the kicker: the music slips between 19th-century romanticism, indie pop, Weimar cabaret, and Elizabethan music. It’s a gripping and often comically devious piece, but it’s also a glimpse inside the brilliantly divergent imagination and intellect of its author.

We’re presenting this concert at that haven for Chicago cinephiles: the Music Box Theater. Following our performance of Behind the Wallpaper, our co-producers the Chicago Film Society will present short films chosen in conjunction with Alex.

So what does it cost to bring you this unique evening of music and film, featuring an artist (venerable music review site) Pitchfork can’t get enough of?


…for just one concert on our Chicago season…and this is far from the most expensive show in 2019/20.

This is why your donation is so important. Thank you for taking the time to make projects like Alex Temple’s “Behind the Wallpaper” a reality. We literally couldn’t do it without you.

With gratitude,
Maeve & Clara & Doyle & Russ